Glowing skin tips for the Pre-Bridal season

Glowing skin tips for the Pre-Bridal season

Feb 14, 2023 | by Rohit Anand Team | Skin Care
Glowing skin tips for the Pre-Bridal season

You’re going to get married and it is going to be the most beautiful day of your life. On this day, you would love to look gorgeous in your unique way. But if you are a working woman who is hustling day in and day out, you also know that you have no time to be consistent with your skincare and are looking for some beauty tips for glowing skin.
Then, with only a few weeks till your wedding, how do you step up your skincare routine? Don't worry, though. We are available to provide you with some natural pre-bridal skin care advice that has stood the test of time. Preparations for the wedding take a long time. Why then not devote a significant portion of that time to taking good care of your skin so that you glow on your special day?
Let's make sure that you look your best before you walk down the aisle

Pre-Bridal skin care tips for glowing skin

Let us discuss some pre-bridal skincare tips for glowing skin that you can consider before your big day.

Glowing Skin care tips


1. Face Spa: -
Quick tip, start 6 months before the wedding. Face spa is great, but it cannot give you instant results. It needs to be done consistently and over a good period so that you can reap the benefits. In case you didn't have much time left, you can go for gold facials twice a month. However, remember to take a patch test before you go for the facial, or else you may end up with burns and scars that you will not want, wedding or not. If you notice your skin looking tired and dull, Lakme’s absolute fresh lime essence is what you need for an energized glow. It comes with a revolutionary formula that penetrates up to 15 layers deep to hydrate and nourishes the skin. It's a lightweight essence infused with a periodical stone extract - a rare gem, rich in minerals. It helps reduce the effect of visible signs of stress on the skin, making your skin appear revitalized, brightened, and energized.
2. Hair Spa: -
Just like a facial spa, a hair spa is also something that you would want before your wedding. Due to stress and pollution, our hair starts to lose its shine and luster. A hair spa done consistently over some time can help you get that back. Just remember your facials, and remember to go for your hair spas as well. Once a month should be enough. Just in case you're not comfortable drowning your hair in chemical treatments, there are many home remedies that you can try as well.
3. Exfoliation: -
This is one step in the skincare routine that many either skip or forget. Do neither, especially if you are a bride-to-be. Regular exfoliation helps your skin breathe as it removes the dead skin cell build-up and smooth’s out any texture on the skin. You do not need to put coarse scrubs on your skin. You can simply purchase products with the right ingredients that can exfoliate your skin gently. Also, remember do not exfoliate your skin every day. Just once or twice a week is enough. You can also look at some of the homemade scrubs recipes that work just as well. Remember to start 6 months before the wedding.

Skin care tips

4. CTM Routine: -
Do you have a proper CTM routine? Don’t worry, it is not anything complicated. It simply refers to cleansing, toning, and moisturizing, three essential steps for a good skincare routine. First figure out your skincare types and what ingredients work best for you. If you have sensitive skin, choose either organic products or products that are free from sulfates and parables. Consult your dermatologist.
Either way figures out a good cleanser, toner, and moisturizer for your skin, or follows the routine twice a day. Don't forget to top it off with sunscreen during the day to prevent any damage. You can also add a skin-brightening serum to your CTM routine daily for at least 6 months before your wedding. The pond’s bright beauty spot-less glow serum provides a triple glow that helps deliver bright, hydrated, and smooth’s skin.
This serum formula is 60X better than vitamin C and contains Glut-boost-L which effectively brightens your skin to help reduce the appearance of dark spots. It also has niacin amide which helps smoothen skin while minimizing the appearance of visible pores and hyaluronic acid that goes deep within your skin to give you a plump and hydrated glow.
Follow it up with Pond's beauty bright serum cream during the day. It is a revolutionary anti-spot solution that comes with pro-vitamin B3 and is clinically proven to fade stubborn dark spots from within and give you spot-less brightness.
5. Clinical Treatments: -
Do you have too many marks and spots on your skin? Clinical treatments are a good option for any hyperpigmentation. Again, connect with a good dermatologist who can suggest what is good for you like microdermabrasion, a chemical peel, or any other treatment. A course of 6 months will help your skin heel and breathe so you can reap the benefits of the treatment entirely. For hyperpigmentation, you can also use the Lakme absolute perfect radiance serum which is enriched with 98% pure niacin amide. This serum gives you hi-res crystal radiance and 2X skin brightening. It improves uneven skin tone, moisturizes your skin, and boosts radiance. Use it twice daily to notice a visible difference.
6. Sleep: -
You don’t want those dark circles and under-eye puffins do you? Agreed, there are concealers and under-eye creams and gels that can work but nothing is miraculous. The only thing that can work is getting ample sleep and having a good diet that is high in nutrition. We would advise you to get at least 8 to 10 hours of sleep every day, for healthy skin and beautiful eyes. Regulate your skin cycle at least six months before your wedding.
7. Hydrate: -
Last, but certainly not least hydrate yourself. It is important to have at least 8-10 glasses of water. Hydration ensures that you have clean and smooth skin that is never dry. Also, it helps keep your body toxin-free, which further helps in cleaning up your skin. This will also prevent acne and subsequent marks.

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