Best Unisex Salon in Chembur Mumbai: Rohit Anand Salon

Rohit Anand Salon, Chembur, located in the heart of the city of Mumbai, is ready to earn all your hearts with the same brand trust and experience of more than 20 years, with various different services here to serve you at Chembur, Mumbai. Rohit Anand Best salon Services like Party Makeup, Bridal Makeup, Facials and Clean-ups, Waxing, Threading, Cysteine, Hair Botox, Hair Color, Hair cut, Keratin treatment etc. services

Rohit Anand Salon Services

Hair styling

Experience and skills are the matter, making Rohit Anand the best leading hairstylist in Mumbai, you want our mission to be complete.

Hair Color

Reinvent your whole look with a dash of color!
Rohit Anand Salon, Mumbai hair coloring services include root touch-ups, global coloring, and experts that we hire to transform your total look, by suggesting what will suit you the best, get it all at Rohit Anand Salon.

Keratin Treatment

Rohit Anand Salon, Mumbai Keratin Services gives you the best hair restoration therapy by solving all your hair-related problems and making it smooth and silky, if you are looking for the best keratin treatment in town. You know whom to call.

Nails Arts

Do you want to stand out differently, well you can do it with your nails, and our experts provide you with detailed nail art and the perfect finish on it only at Rohit Anand Salon, Chembur, and Mumbai.
Nail art is a creative way to decorate and enhance your nails how you want to, making your outfits stand out more!

Threading and waxing

Self-grooming is what one should follow every month, many are tired of this every-month schedule.
Rohit Anand Salon, Mumbai makes sure that you enjoy the whole process of self-relaxation.
Groom yourself with the comfort of our experts!

Party Makeup

With the help of professional equipment and techniques, our expert stylists create everything from perfect party looks to chic, modern looks for women.

Bridal Makeup

Every bride wants to look gorgeous and a princess on her big day, no one wants to settle for the less. Well, we never allow you to do so, Brides at Rohit Anand Salon in Chembur, Mumbai are given all their desired looks.

Facials and Cleanups

Everyday pollution, tanning, and stress in this city full of crowds and population are common. All through your skin need the perfect care it deserves.
Experts at Rohit Anand Salon in Chembur Mumbai, not only treat your skin with the best but suggest what's actually best for your skin.


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